About Us

Doglr is an international store oriented for pet products.

The idea of Doglr was created back in 2017th by two brothers from Europe. They wanted to create a local Pet Store, within a backyard implemented dog park, where dog owners could meet and enjoy spending time with other dog owners. That goal was not accomplished yet. Doglr team is still working on accomplishing this goal.

Due to a big increased tendency of E-Commerce and online shopping, co-founders of Doglr decided to start from an online store.

Now, Doglr has grown into an international store and is expanding rapidly: at the moment we are delivering to more than 100 countries worldwide.

All of our products is hand-picked, tested and approved by Doglr team. Our inventory only consists of products, which had passed our high-quality test.

Our main target is to make our customers happy: we are trying to achieve that by offering effortless shopping experience.

For more information and business proposals please e-mail us at  info@shopdoglr.com

Thank you for choosing us!

Doglr Team